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All NEW! Ghost theme 1.0


  • cool text effects when u hover over stuff like links and blockquote!
  • select your own font, list style and the text align in the description!
  • when you hover over the sidebar picture it blurs
  • two navigation types, a dropdown menu and the links shown! keep the labels on them short!
  • ability of transparent or opaque posts!

live preview | code

keep in mind i’ll probably update with new features so please, like/reblog!

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pretty pink grid tiles that you can use for your themes and such! I made them, please enjoy ✧˖° ヾ(^∇^)

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preview // code

i totally forgot i cleaned up my theme code until like 20 minutes ago yeah

uhh yeah this is my current theme i caved in and am posting it bc i get a lot of asks about it cool im a weenie

  • up to 5 links??
  • infinite scroll or pagination links 
  • bg image
  • side image
  • and color options but not an overwhelming amount
  • also the lace is not customizable bc it would need a bit of editing in the code if you were to change it, but ur welcome to go in the code and edit that urself if u want

okkk thats it let me know if there are any mess up thanks

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As some might have noticed I use the same theme on all of my blogs - my personal Redux edit! I’ve been working on it for quite a while so it would have all I need. Now I decided to share it because I’m just that nice.

You can turn ON/OFF the tags, description, navigation box, jump pagination, infinite scroll, music player (not shown in any examples, box in the top left corner. I’d recommend using billy or fmp so it will fit).

You can CHANGE / turn OFF the sidebar image, the one in the bottom right corner, favicon.

All colors are customizable and so is the font and font size, I added a pixel font which you can use if you type “pixel” in the font selection.

Examples are softbara - frogfriendly - skatebaord - notbro.

Code can be found here (raw).

Extra codes under cut. (Bonus: SBaHJ-ify your theme! (; )

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you can use these for your blog, there are 50+ below the cut ^_^ ENJOY

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everyone’s posting the backgrounds they made so i’m gonna post the pixel one i made last week for my theme


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"optica remake" someone’s gonna shoot me for this but it’s basically a redesign of tumblr’s current default theme optica. the actual optica theme is pretty big and not very customisable and doesn’t work well in older browsers. so i made a daintier remake that’s really customisable & well i also think it’s super cute. anyway i rambled about this in the preview so

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